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Optimise your contract & invoice management

Combine our powerful contract and rate engine with your execution data.
Reduce time spent on freight audit, invoice processing and eliminate disputes.

Automate Audit

  • Save time on invoice verification and manual intervention

Simplify budgeting

  • Integrate information and improve cost control

Support decisions

  • Gain insight for quicker and smarter decision-making

Identify costs

  • Track down and reduce additional or hidden costs

Share information

  • Make up-to-date information instantly available to your team

Increase accuracy

  • Prevent the payment of inaccurate invoices

Benefit from our solutions

All contracts in one place

Transwide brings you a powerful contract and rating engine to leverage your  negotiated rates and the established terms.

Our solution uniquely integrates our rating engine with transport execution data to give you highly accurate cost calculations and cost visibility with all your partners.

Designed to harmonise contracts across your supplier base and to ensure compliance.

Calculate easily planned costs

Transwide TMS leverages the collaborative nature of its platform to proactively calculate and communicate planned costs during the order process.

Our rating engine calculates the planned freight costs the moment the order is created - or integrate them directly from your ERP. In either case, costs are fully visible to all parties who have access to the Transport order.

Improve visibility of planned freight cost and of your accruals.

No surprises with additional cost claims

Additional costs can take up a significant part of your transport budget and most companies are forced to start a manual, time-consuming process. Not anymore.

Transwide brings you a powerful solution to streamline the additional cost claim and audit process.

Invoices are settled quickly and will minimise additional costs.

Fast audit

Manually processing and checking invoices results in loss of time and leads to human errors, delays and mistakes. Transwide solves these challenges with automated auditing capabilities for your freight invoices.


Being able to focus only on exceptions will allow you and your partners to save time on invoice verification, manual interventions and improve cost control and visibility.

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