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weTrack – the free mobile tracking app for carriers connected to Transwide

Our free and easy-to-use app grants full visibility of shipments to you, your carriers and your customers

  • Improve the speed and quality of shipment information especially with carriers who do not have on-board telematics
  • Enable visibility and traceability in case of subcontracted transport flows – without the need for additional effort
  • Provide direct access to Proof-of-Deliveries (PODs) and other key documents
  • Improve customer service levels and align business process across warehousing, production and finance
  • Carriers can easily assign an order to their drivers or subcontractors

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Complete visibility of your shipments

weTrack enables carriers to provide shipment tracking information and documents from their drivers directly to you.

weTrack also supports subcontracting flows. This means carriers can assign a shipment to an external driver and still maintain full visibility and traceability across the subcontracted chain.

Once the order is assigned, the driver takes over. They provide updates when the shipment is shipped or delivered, if there are delays or incidents and share documents and the POD.

As a result, customer service has up-to-date delivery information, warehouses and factories know when a shipment will be late and finance has all the details needed to validate freight costs.

How weTrack digitises the driver workflow

Assign an order to a driver or subcontractor

Your carrier easily assigns an order in Transwide to one of their drivers or to a sub-contractor. They just select a driver name or enter a mobile phone number.

Report on shipment execution status | Track & Trace

Once an order is assigned, the driver takes over and provides you with updates if a shipment is shipped or delivered and on delays or other changes in ETA.

Report and Track incidents

Incidents can be logged as free text or via ECTA coding. The driver can also take photos linked to an order to support an incident.

Upload documents and Proof of Delivery

The driver can upload documents, images and PODs. For PODs a photo is taken of the signed delivery document and linked to the POD category.

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