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Transwide’s Transport Management System (TMS) – benefits for carriers

Leverage Transwide’s TMS for shippers to automate and streamline processes and build stronger relationships throughout your transport network

Carriers which use Transwide benefit from:

  • A unique platform to win new business from 100,000+ users across the globe
  • Faster invoicing and collection
  • Automated pick up and drop off bookings
  • Better visibility and information sharing
  • A solution that can be used by third parties
  • A highly trained support team

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New business and faster payments

Transwide was designed to make it as easy and beneficial as possible for carriers and shippers to work together. The platform has a pool of more than 100,000 users, spanning across industries and geographies. Joining Transwide’s network puts you their radar and opens you up for new business opportunities.

We know that one of the main pain points for carriers is getting paid on time. We also know that manual invoice processing can take up to 20 times longer than an automated solution. Transwide’s centralised rate management and automated invoice settlement, means payments are made on time and in a structured way.

Transwide provides access to data sets and analysis, which empower carriers and their partners to make better, smarter decisions. The solution facilitates the tracking of KPIs and helps businesses quickly measure the impact of any changes.

It also ensures better visibility and planning for both sides and can be used by third parties, which carriers choose to subcontract to. This transparency helps build trust and guarantees better customer service.

A market-leading solution

Transwide is an established TMS and the team has experience working with businesses of all sizes, across all sectors. The combination of deep knowledge and cutting-edge software ensures fast and easy integration with enterprise applications. To ensure carriers get the most out of the software, an experienced customer support team is in place and accessible 24/7.

All documentation, certification and relevant details are stored in one place, resulting in a smooth and easy to follow process. Time consuming and inaccurate tracking processes are fully automated, including dock scheduling. This eliminates waiting hours, prevents congestion and drastically reduces errors.

These features facilitate collaboration and highlight opportunities that benefit carriers, shippers and third party organisations. Carriers are able to provide improved customer service, more effective cost management and leverage the full potential of their transport network.

Alpega: End to end transport expertise

Transwide is part of Alpega, a leading global logistics software company that offers end to end transport solutions. Its product suite connects carriers and shippers to a broad transport network and digitizes complex supply chain management.

Alpega’s solutions can be used individually, or as part of a holistic platform, designed to deliver maximum value. Its 200,000+ community of users is made up of organisations ranging from established blue chip businesses, through to cutting edge start-ups.

Find out more about Alpega

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