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The key challenges for agricultural supply chains and transportation

Tight margins, ageing technology, increased regulations and a lack of visibility. We explore how Alpega TMS can help digitalise agricultural logistics processes

  • Ensure safe and compliant transportation
  • Achieve full visibility over loading/ unloading
  • Control transportation costs and track carrier performance
  • Integrate with ERP solutions

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Visibility across agricultural supply chains

We carried out a survey among our clients in 2019 and found that for shippers visibility remains a key concern. This is especially true when it comes to agricultural transportation. Much of the equipment used isn’t particularly modern and loading and unloading frequently takes place in difficult to access locations. This means resource is often wasted as a lack visibility makes proper planning a real issue.

To tackle this challenge, we have worked with a number of shippers to create our Live Tracking solution. As the name suggests, it tracks transport from pick-up to delivery, using trucks’ telematics systems. It provides customised delay notifications and a real-time ETA. It can be used for all transportation, ranging from grain transport, to fertiliser, helping to rapidly digitalise agricultural supply chains.

Compliance and specialized carriers

Many products that play an important role in the agricultural industry require specialised transportation. That’s as true of edible goods which need to be refrigerated, as it is of fertilisers which need to be handled with great care. These unique circumstances mean the agro industry is especially vulnerable to driver shortages.

Working with numerous companies in the agricultural sector (and the chemical sector which faces a few similar challenges), we have found that the key is better collaboration. Procuring the right carriers is essential to successful transport processes. In this context, the Alpega Hub provides access to a pool of 80,000+, pre-qualified carriers, each with their own specialities. A common rate card system ensures shippers know exactly who they are hiring and how much experience they have in the agricultural sector.

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By streamlining sourcing, planning, execution, settlement and analytics, Transwide delivers seamless integration and global visibility for thousands of users worldwide. Our customers include some of the biggest names in the agricultural industry.

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