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Live Tracking: real-time tracking for complete shipment visibility

Shippers and LSP’s can now be fully aware of the status of shipments and anticipate unexpected events

  • Track selected transports, all the way from pickup to delivery
  • Get notified of delays, only manage for exceptions
  • Improve customer service, with lower costs
  • Swiftly integrate with +600 onboard telematics providers

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Wipe out the blind spots with live vehicle tracking

Delivery reliability plays a crucial role in improving customer service. Demurrage and detention are two critical cost items that can become a massive problem for shippers if they do not control their shipments carefully. Visibility of transportation execution helps shippers to take corrective action in case of logistic problems, and inform their customers about any delays.

Until now, it was virtually impossible to have real-time visibility into load location, dynamic ETA and status across a supply chain. Transwide Live Tracking provides shippers and carriers with constant visibility into the locations of vehicles and drivers for optimum control. Thus, they can quickly react to unexpected events like traffic jams and incidents.

With the new Transwide Live Tracking, you’ll have total supply chain visibility on all ongoing transportation operations, up to the minute. Also, you are immediately notified whenever a shipment gets delayed, whatever the reason.

Organizations must have the visibility into their upstream supply chain to know the status and estimated delivery times of all shipments, so they can make accurate customer commitments.

Aberdeen Research Group, April 2018

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Improve customer service, with lower costs

As part of the Transwide cloud-based solution for scheduling and managing day-to-day transportation activities, Live Tracking puts you in the driver’s seat. Information is transmitted from the vehicle to the control centre in a matter of seconds, allowing the vehicle route to be monitored and managed remotely. For example, the driver can be alerted and instructed if the vehicle deviates from the planned route, and the most fuel-efficient alternative route can immediately be calculated.

Customers will automatically be notified of the estimated delivery time based on live updates, and of any delays if something unexpected happens. This information greatly reduces the number of failed deliveries and substantially improves customer satisfaction.

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