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Transportation cost management

Exposing costs and imposing control

  • Get overall visibility on rates across all your carrier contracts
  • 100% elimination of calculation errors
  • Real-time insight into accruals and budget
  • Reduce overhead with invoice automation
  • Eliminate invoice audit errors

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The strongest foundation: freight contract management and invoice management

The right freight cost management software is built on contract and invoice excellence.

During the commercial process, shippers need to find the best price across all negotiated carrier contracts. Accurate freight spend management allows shippers to reconcile planned costs and unplanned accessorial charges after the goods have moved from point A to point B.

By enabling freight cost visibility to all parties involved, Transwide eliminates manual processing and saves huge chunks of time, reducing the risk of human errors, delays and added costs.

Freight audit and delivery confirmations can be combined with freight invoice processing – all automated at the touch of a button. This leads to faster payment and a better supplier relationship.

Shippers and logistic service providers get real-time visibility into their transport spend with a detailed view of the various freight cost types.

And by saving time on invoice verification and manual intervention, Transwide transportation cost management decreases the cost per invoice, improving your cost control and bottom line.

Transwide enables continuous learning

1. Source

Everything you need to drive your procurement life cycle

  • Carrier Sourcing Network
  • E-tender Plattform
  • Spot Bidding
  • Supplier Management

2. Plan & Execute

Plan and Execute with minimum effort and maximum visibility

  • Dynamic Carrier Assignment
  • Carrier Connectivity
  • Multi-mode Order Management
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Dock Scheduling
  • Document Management

3. Settle

Know and control your true freight costs

  • Contract Repository
  • Rate Management
  • Freight Cost Management
  • Accessorial Claim Management
  • Carrier Invoicing Portal
  • Automated Invoice Audit

4. Analyze

Get actionable insights to drive company wide improvements

  • Carrier Score Cards
  • Operational and Performance Reporting
  • Freight Spend Reporting

Actionable insights to drive improvements



Freight cost management: avoiding the unexpected

The right freight cost management software also exposes unexpected additional costs. These costs can consume a significant part of your transport budget and most companies are forced to reconcile them with a manual, time-consuming process.

Using the Rate Search feature, you can easily find the best price across all your negotiated carrier contracts right from the start. The Transwide freight contract management solutions leverage the collaborative power of your supplier network to proactively calculate and communicate planned freight costs during the order process. This reduces the likelihood of additional costs from the very beginning.

This improved visibility into planned freight costs and accruals helps to ensure there are no surprises.

In the event of additional costs, Transwide’s freight cost management suite enables you to focus only on exceptions. This means you can identify deviations from expected freight costs more quickly.

Being able to focus only on exceptions will allow you and your partners to save time on freight invoice processing or manual interventions, and will improve cost control and visibility.

Exposing hidden costs, imposing control and automating processes to embed excellence: next generation freight cost management has arrived.

Cut down your costs

Automate transport orders

Focus on value-added tasks

Improve staff planning

Reduce demurrage costs

Freight costs savings

Optimized transportation procurement

Freight costs savings

Optimized transportation procurement

Easily scalable

Quick return on investment

Gain end-to end visibility

Improve customer service levels

Process optimization

Case Studies

Hartmann - logo of a Transwide customer

Industry: Healthcare

Customer: The Hartmann Group

The Hartmann Group is a leading supplier of healthcare and hygiene products. 

The Group has saved over €1 million in stock reduction and lower transport and logistics costs with Transwide TMS. 

To find out more, contact us today.


Miller Brands - the logo of a satisfied Transwide client

Industry: Brewing

Customer: Miller Brands UK

Miller Brands UK is one of the world’s leading beer producers.

However, Miller Brand UK’s rapid growth presented new challenges to their supply chain organization.

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Rexam - logo of a Transwide client and market leader in aluminium can manufacture: third image

Industry: Metals

Customer: Rexam

Rexam is the market leader in aluminium can manufacture. It has an unrelenting focus on improvement and efficiency. To ensure that this extends throughout the Rexam supply chain, Rexam chose Transwide TMS to continue delivering value that benefits Rexam’s customers, employees and shareholders.

Whatever your industry, Transwide transport management software can deliver. 

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Norske Skog Golbey - the logo of a Norwegian Transwide client

Industry: Paper

Customer: Norske Skog Golbey

Norske Skog Golbey paper mill (NSG), a subsidiary of the Norwegian Group Norske Skogindustrier, is Europe's leading producer of printing paper, shipping one million tons of raw materials and 600,000 tons of newsprint a year. 

Thanks to the implementation of Transwide and its integration in SAP, NSG was able to reduce the time required for the planning and execution of transportation activities by 65%. The results also include a 99% satisfaction rate among our clients in terms of the punctuality of our deliveries.

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