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Transwide transport management software enabling end-to-end workflows

We help shippers, logistics providers and carriers optimise and differentiate their business

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Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing & Procurement

Planning & Execution

Planning & Execution

Slot Booking

Slot Booking

Transportation Cost Management

Freight cost management

Reporting & Analytics


Transwide TMS: the hassle-free transport management solution

  • Increase agility and visibility in your supply chain
  • Modular design. Only pay what you use
  • Power of the cloud. Use it from anywhere
  • Real-time information processing

Transwide Transport Management Solutions: your supply chain secret weapon

Transwide transforms how shippers, logistics managers and carriers collaborate. By streamlining sourcing, planning, execution, settlement and analytics, Transwide delivers seamless integration and global visibility for more than 100.000 users worldwide.

Transwide is a leading transport management solution (TMS) for shippers, logistics service providers and carriers. It enables transport professionals to manage the end-to-end execution of transporting goods across the globe.


Transwide enables continuous learning

1. Source

Everything you need to drive your procurement life cycle

  • Carrier Sourcing Network
  • E-tender Plattform
  • Spot Bidding
  • Supplier Management

2. Plan & Execute

Plan and Execute with minimum effort, maximum visibility

  • Dynamic Carrier Assignment
  • Carrier Connectivity
  • Multi-mode Order Management
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Dock Scheduling
  • Document Management

3. Settle

Know and control your true freight costs

  • Contract Repository
  • Rate Management
  • Freight Cost Management
  • Accessorial Claim Management
  • Carrier Invoicing Portal
  • Automated Invoice Audit

4. Analyse

Get actionable insights to drive company wide improvements

  • Carrier Score Cards
  • Operational and Performance Reporting
  • Freight Spend Reporting

Actionable insights to drive improvements



Carving out a competitive edge


The power of a connected transport community

Connect and transform your business from a fragmented partner network with many different types of communication to an integrated community with seamless, standardised transport processes and end-to-end visibility.

Real-time information processing

Transwide transport management software enables seamless integration with your enterprise applications, and those of your partners, across the globe. Information is processed instantly, with real-time notifications in case of delay or incident.

Cut down on costs

With Transwide, you will not only save 80% on your process cost for each order, but also gain 20% on your freight for shipments. Transwide is a cloud-based transport management system with modular deployment and a short implementation time.

Easily scale up, with low upfront costs

You can start small as Transwide will grow with your needs. The flexible pay-as-you-go model means you can deploy our TMS system at a pace that will not overtax your logistics, operational or IT resources.

Serving you globally

Wherever you are, we are ready to support you. Transwide is part of the international Alpega Group, a leading global logistics software company that offers end to end solutions that cover all transport needs, serving more than 200,000 users in 80 countries.

Barry Callebaut and Transwide – A recipe for customer success

Transwide enabled us to drive customer success by delivering complex shipping instructions quickly and easily to carriers. Transwide ensures that transportation fulfils its role in the commercial position – it’s about customer success.

Our mission

We believe in delivering cost savings every day, as quickly and easily as possible with hassle-free Transportation Management Services.

That is why we developed Transwide, a cloud-based TMS that revolutionises how shippers and logistics providers operate and collaborate with their carrier community.

Through seamless partner integration we deliver global visibility, end-to-end process automation and detailed insight for continuous improvement.

Our clients have access to a modular suite of TMS services to source, plan, execute, settle and analyse their transportation workflows.

30+ M Transport orders / year

100 K Users

25 K Customers

80 Countries

40 K Connected Carriers

45 K Shipping locations

We connect your entire Logistics Ecosystem

Enterprise Resource
Transport Management System
Warehouse Management System

Production sites
Storage locations


Freight forwarders
Shipping lines
Rail operators
Barge operators
Air freight

Awarded by the industry

Transwide has received multiple awards from independent media and industry researchers.

Make Transwide your new partner in growth

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