Transportation procurement solutions for strategic sourcing

Find and partner with the right carriers,
with the best service, at the fairest price.

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Save time. Reduce costs. Partner with the ideal carriers.

Our advanced transportation sourcing and procurement solutions allow you to meet your strategic objectives.

Maximise your buying power and reduce time spent on sourcing.

Significant cost savings

  • Actively spot bidding can lead to cost reductions of 5 to 15%.

Flexible invitation list

  • Build your own custom invitation lists to suit your business.

More time to be strategic

  • Save over 60% in processing time with automation of spot bidding.

Fast ROI

  • Easy configuration, quick deployment and simple to use.

Our Transportation Procurement Solutions

Find new trusted carriers

Transwide offers you instant access to our database of more than 30,000 pre-qualified carriers, brokers, forwarders and 3PLs worldwide, searchable by your key sourcing criteria.

Just think about the time and effort your transportation procurement and logistics departments can save by broadening the carrier pool they can select from while automating the process to do so.

Launch spot quote / bid request in seconds

Spot quote/bidding allows you to automate your tactical sourcing process on individual or repetitive loads and free up valuable time to run your business.

With a couple of clicks you can compare your contract rates, price out new lanes or leverage possible backhaul opportunities. Wait for bid responses to come in and award loads to the winning carrier.

Getting spot rates from your existing Carrier Network or from potential new providers has never been easier.

Conduct effective RFI/RFPs

Our Freight Procurement solution is able to run exercises ranging from simple lane to complete transport network sourcing events.


Leverage the large carrier network of Transwide, along with your own suppliers and invite the selected ones to an RFI and/or RFP. Robust & flexible analytic tools help to analyse RFP responses and simulate transport spend on multiple scenarios.

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