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TenderEasy - Freight RFQs made easy

Transwide’s cloud-based solution, designed to optimise your tendering across land, air and sea

  • Reduce your freight tendering costs
  • Say goodbye to tedious administrative work
  • See how your current suppliers compare to market rates
  • Get more accurate results by using actual shipment data instead of averages
  • Implement, analyse and optimise your tenders
  • Run scenarios based on different bids - always find the best deal
  • Personalised training sessions and support team
  • Benefit from the integration of Xeneta, the world’s largest real-time database for benchmarking ocean freight rates

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TenderEasy’s market-leading solution means you won’t have to look at another spreadsheet to run your tenders

When it comes to freight tendering, there are plenty of horror stories about trawling through spreadsheets and manually inputting data. That’s not what TenderEasy’s about. You might have guessed it from the name, but the solution was designed to be easy-to-use.

With just a few clicks you can:

  • Set-up your tender (across land, air or sea)
  • Benchmark current market rates (so you know what represents good value)
  • Not waste time knee deep in Excel sheets
  • Quickly identify the best partner for your business
  • Use the time you saved to negotiate a better deal and work with your chosen carrier to identify mutually beneficial opportunities


“Having an eSourcing tool of this kind became a hygiene factor for us at Nobia. I can truly recommend TenderEasy and I do not ever want to return to Excel days”

Bartosz Borczynski, Head of Transport at Nobia


Spot Request and Invoice Control

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask carriers to bid for ad-hoc transport requests with little notice? Or, ask carriers for a set price for getting your goods from A to B, while complying with internal agreements and giving you 100% visibility? Well, that’s possible with Spot Request, one of TenderEasy’s most popular features.

What about a complete audit and freight reconciliation of invoices? Well, that’s possible too thanks to TenderEasy’s Invoice Control. You can also compare the planned an actual cost of an invoice and get notifications when something doesn’t add up. This function typically leads to an immediate 2% - 5% cost saving on total freight spend. Want to find out more? Get in touch.

About TenderEasy

TenderEasy was founded in 2004, by freight experts who were tired of manually wading through spreadsheets to run tenders. They used their sector experience to design an easy-to-use solution that was quickly embraced by many of the largest businesses on the globe.

In 2018, TenderEasy joined Transwide as part of the Alpega family and the companies have pooled their resources offer their customers a true end-to-end transport management system. Get in touch to find out more.

"The Kraft Heinz Company had been using another solution, then, one of our colleagues recommended us to look into TenderEasy, as he thought that it was exactly what we needed."

Monika Appel, Global Sea Freight Lead at The Kraft Heinz Company


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